Dec 042012

When I was testing MyRangePro I had an idea:

Actually I can apply any number and sort of targets in a map.

Every Golf Player should think of “safety first!” while uncomfortable weather conditions. You need to know where all the flash protect cabins of a golf course are for reaching them in a short time. But you don’t have your birdy book at your fingertips every time, don’t you?

So it may be quite sensible to have a general view of all the flash protect cabins in this App.

When such a general view excists from the golf course I’m just playing, I only have to have a look on my iPhone to realize which cabin is the best for me to reach.

For my hometown golf course Hummelbachaue I detected all the cabins of the 9-hole-course last weekend. The cabins of the 18-hole-course I’ll do next week.


Dec 012012

A little longer than thought before, the development of MyRangePro is now going to be finished slowly but surely.

The first tests were successfully in progress. Now I can change to beta test phase. The mean thing missing is only the manual.

Actually I’m looking for some voluntary Golf Players to put the app to the acid test.

You only need an iPhone 3GS or newer or an iPod touch. (You may use your iPad too, but the appearance isn’t (still) optimized for it. If your device runs with IOS 5.1 or higher, you can go for it!

I use the test organisations software and I made positive experience with it.

Here are some screenshots of MyRangePro: