Nov 212013

What distance is it to the winter green when my ball is lying on the fairway of hole 2 right in front of the water?



There’s a knoll in between my ball and the hole so I can’t use my range finder. The winter view is erring me often.

But you can solve this problem easily with MyRange Pro:

I’ve entered all winter greens of the 18 hole and of the 9 hole course. For making it not too complicated I’ve chosen the middle of each of the greens.

All of the users of MyRange Pro can have the distance to each of the winter greens with their iPhone without any problems.

And the whole service of MyRange Pro is available for only 89 ct! That’s much cheaper than the cost of one golf ball! ;-)

Of course you can add other winter greens of your favorite golf course with the help of MyRange Pro effortless. The data you’ve added are available for download for all other users, soon, without any costs. What a great service for any golf player!


Winter 9er Detail 2 Winter 9er

Winter 18er Detail 2 Winter 18er

Nov 152013

We’ve got it, this nasty bug!

After lots of changes inside the app and preparations to iOS 7 a new update is available now for both MyRange and MyRange Pro.

Please don’t hesitate in future to tell us about issues you’ve noticed that we can fix them as soon as possible. Although we test the app before release there are always cases we can’t imagine while testing.

We are very thankful for your patience and relief!

Have fun with your golf training, even if weather conditions aren’t always the best at the moment.

Peter Schneider

Nov 022013

Unfortunately we got attacked by a very bad bug in both apps. Thanks to Heino Verhek from Switzerland for finding and telling!

We’ve noticed a crash while adding targets to a new range. :(

We are working on solving these issues, but even when it’ll be fixed, both of them apps have to be reviewed by apple and that lasts a while. We  reckon with about 2 weeks.

We beg for your understanding and thank you for your patience!

Peter Schneider