Nov 152013

We’ve got it, this nasty bug!

After lots of changes inside the app and preparations to iOS 7 a new update is available now for both MyRange and MyRange Pro.

Please don’t hesitate in future to tell us about issues you’ve noticed that we can fix them as soon as possible. Although we test the app before release there are always cases we can’t imagine while testing.

We are very thankful for your patience and relief!

Have fun with your golf training, even if weather conditions aren’t always the best at the moment.

Peter Schneider

Nov 022013

Unfortunately we got attacked by a very bad bug in both apps. Thanks to Heino Verhek from Switzerland for finding and telling!

We’ve noticed a crash while adding targets to a new range. :(

We are working on solving these issues, but even when it’ll be fixed, both of them apps have to be reviewed by apple and that lasts a while. We  reckon with about 2 weeks.

We beg for your understanding and thank you for your patience!

Peter Schneider

Oct 012013

Yay, it’s done! Finally Apple finished its review and from now on MyRange and MyRange pro is available for iPad and iPad Mini in the App Store! Go and grab yours!

Use winter time for a good training with MyRange/MyRange Pro for being well prepared in the next season! You even can use MyRange Pro for your winter round with the changed greens! Make a gauge of the winter course and send us the map, for making it available to the whole community!

Sep 242013

It has been very quiet here for a long time. It’s because we were converting MyRange and MyRange Pro for iPad and iPad mini! At this time, both Apps are in “review” status at Apple. Yay! So you can be happy because soon you can use your iPad for your golf training, too!

Furthermore we have some ideas, we will realize in the next time. You may be excited!

Have fun with your golf training!