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Congratulations for purchasing of “MyRangePro / MyRange”, the App that permits a sensible golf training and what’s even essential for your golfing because of its special features. Good luck to your golf training!


First Steps

Starting the App you can see the following screen:

With tipping on the “Driving Range” button you get to the activated Driving Range, right after delivery the Driving Range of the Golf Course “Hummelbachaue” in Neuss, Germany is activated automtically.
You see the following screen:

Symbol Description
You get back to the start screen
This button is activated automatically. There is the target list of the activated Range. The registered targets are marked with different symbols (you can change the sort in edit mode; there’s more about it later). Tapping a row will open the map which shows both your own location as well as the chosen target:

Tapping the button in the upper left corner you get back to the list view. You can zoom in and out the map with thumb and forefinger.

Symbol Description
Tapping this symbol will open the map which shows all registered targets:

With the known technique (thumb and forefinger) you can zoom in and out the map. Tapping on a target shows its name.


Choosing a Driving Range

You can find the following icon an the start screen:

Tapping on it will show you a list view with all available Driving Ranges. (Right after delivery there’s only the Driving Range “Hummelbachaue”).

Symbol Description
Tapping will get you back to the start screen.
The “Select/Edit” readout is activated automatically.

In the list view Ranges or Maps are ordered by distance to your current location. The Range/Map with the check mark at the end of its row it the current activated one, which is shown on the site “Driving Range”. For choosing another Range/Map you only need to tap on the suitable row.
Every Range/Map kan be shown with one of these 4 different symbols:

Symbol Description
this Range/Map was attached by yourself.
this is a Range/Map delivered by MyRangePro.
this is a general map with the available flash protect cabins on a particular golf course.
this is a general map for the winter greens of a particular golf course in the cold season.


Attaching a new Driving Range/Map

Tapping this button allows you to edit on of the Ranges/Maps in the list.

Symbol Description
Tapping this symbol allows you to attach a new Range/Map.
It will get you to a site where you can fill in name and author of the Range/Map. Feel free to fill in the name you like, it may be a nickname. Don’t forget to save!
Tapping this button gets xou back to the “Select/Edit” mode. The just attached Range/Map will appear in the list now.
Tapping on the delete symbol you can delete Ranges/Maps attached by yourself.
Tapping on a specific row allows you to edit a Range/Map. You can change name and author of this Range/Map.
Tapping on this symbol allows you to attach new targets. Fill in the name of your target.
Tapping on this symbol will find out the coordinates of your current location.
Tapping on the Question Mark you can assign your target a matching icon. “Save” will save the target.

After saving there will appear all the saved targets in a list below the name of the Range/Map and its author. You can move the targets in your list by tapping the symbol at the end of the row.

Tapping on the red minus allows you to delete a taget. Don’t forget to save the list! Tapping on “Done” will complete the edit mode.


Download (only MyRangePro)

Symbol Description
Tapping on “download” will get you to the site where you can download all available Ranges/Maps from our server.

You are able to tell by the date the last time when the App searched the server for new Ranges/Maps. You can see the count of the available Ranges/Maps on the number beside the download symbol.

Tapping on the check button you send a request to the program to find new Ranges/Maps on the server. The App is searching our server all 24 hours automatically.
Tapping the “Download x Maps from Server” starts downloading all available Ranges/Maps from our server.


Upload (only MyRangePro)

Symbol Description
Tapping these symbols gets you to the site where you are able to upload a Range/Map attached by yourself. It will be available for all the users of MyRange Pro once it is on our server.

All of the Ranges/Maps attached by yourself are listed on this site. Tapping a row will open the Email Client with a standard form which contents the Range/Map in an attachment. “Send” will get our mail to our server. Once the Range/Map was verified it will be published and it will be available for all other users.



    • Do I need a connection to internet for attaching targets?

      No, you don’t, you only need GPS. You only need connection to internet if you want to down- or upload a Map/Range.

    • Can I fill in the coordinates by hand?

      Yes, you can fill in longitude and latitude as numbers. It isn’t as comfortable as the automatic function, but if you have all data (by Google maps f.e.) you can make your work on the desk.

    • Can I delete every Range/Map?

      No, you can only delete Ranges/Maps attached by yourself.

    • Are the Ranges/Maps in the list view sorted in any way?

      Ranges/Maps are ordered by their distance to your current position. We don’t plan a function of sorting them by hand. If your list isn’t sorted sensibe, you should check your GPS.

  • How should I act to attach a new Range/Map?

    I collected the winter greens of the 9 holfe golf course “Hummelbachaue” like this:

    - Sat myself on the sofa comfortably. ;-)

    - Filled in Range name and author, saved.

    - Then I attached all tagets, f.e. “Name: Hole 1″.

    - I didn’t fill in longitude and latitude.

    - I chose the symbol with the red flag in the snow.

    - Don’t forget to save! ;-)

    - When I was on the course next time, I only took my iPhone when I was standing on the winter green and chose the right hole in the edit mode. One tap on the cross hairs was enough, only save, and here you are!

    I defined the Driving Range of the “Hummelbachaue” in a similar way.

    Our Range has 11 flags spreaded all over the place and some stands for marking 100 m, 150 m and 200 m.
    Once I built the structure at home I walked around the range and collected every mark with a tap on the cross hairs.
    As I wrote above, i didn’t need internet connection, I only used the GPS of the iPhone.


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